• It [Elgar's 'In the South'] is a difficult work to bring off convincingly, but Peter Fender was wholly in command of this tricky score – complex in structure, for it can so often appear ‘lumpy’ if tempos are not cleverly and seamlessly judged. On this occasion, with some truly excellent playing from all sections of the orchestra the work was confirmed as a major score in the composer’s output, a genuine precursor of Falstaff. - Robert Matthew-Walker, Classical Source

  • Fender tended well to this mercurial and rapturous work which calls for mood-changes on a sixpence. The excitement was well caught ... strikingly quiet playing.  Fender now stands as the natural successor to [Ted] Downes who did so much from 1977 onwards to bring about a revival in [George] Lloyd’s fortunes. - Rob Barnett, Seen and Heard International

  • "The programme did great credit to this well rehearsed orchestra, playing under the direction of its technically accomplished and inspiring composer/conductor Peter Fender" - Peter Woolf, Musical Pointers

  • “A superb group of musicians under a splendid conductor” – Roy Goodall, Words & Music
  • “Here is a talent to be reckoned with indeed.” - Yorkshire Evening Press.
  • “Conductor Peter Fender’s rendering of the work was excellent.” - Caroline Jenner, Sardines Magazine
  • “Just before all the pieces were played, the conductor, Peter Fender, would briefly explain the pieces, and some things to look out for, so that you would be able to understand the pieces a bit better. This helped us become more integrated in the music, and made us look out for little details within. It was a brilliant concert.” - Bachtrack young persons’ review


  • "... a keen, passionate and remarkable conductor, who held it all together." [Mahler 10] - DM
  • "... what a wonderful and sensitive conductor you have in Peter Fender" [St Matthew Passion] - JW
  • “Your rendition of Jupiter was particularly gorgeous – with lots of vivacity and a freshness and spontanaeity which was a revelation” - AB
  • “I’ve never heard a performance of the “Enigma Variations” that told me more about the piece. There was great emotion is every movement, and yet nothing was pushed, nothing was over-dramatized. It was a superb interpretation.” - DF
  • “A wonderful and vibrant rendition of the Resurrection. Even a work of genius needs to be interpreted and given voice: this was certainly achieved”- RC
  • “Rarely have I enjoyed a St Matthew Passion more than I did on Friday. Quite remarkable in all aspects … I go to St Matthew Passion every year at the RFH but yours wins hands down.” -  CG
  • “I was really impressed by your impassioned and involved conducting, a rare thing and much appreciated.” - JL
  • “Such a well thought out programme, informative, entertaining and moving, it kept us on the edge of our seats (or was that just the church pews’ effect?)” - JS
  • “As you know, I rarely go to classical concerts, but because of all the thought you had put into the structure and design of the evening, I thoroughly enjoyed it. “ - RM
  • “Your talks were great – very enjoyable – and with character” - JB


  • "The way that you stick to timings and do what you say you're going to do in an organised manner is SOOOOO appreciated, not to mention being calm and in control at all times." - HJ (oboe)
  • "Your direction was very impressive, very clear and absolutely to the point." - SP (horn)
  • "Your cool multi-tasking contributed hugely to proceedings" - DD (soprano)
  • “Thank you for your inspirational coaching and conducting” - AH (violin)
  • “It is so refreshing to have structured rehearsals with easy to follow advice and helpful tips” - RM (violin)
  • “A friend of mine (an experienced “prommer”) came to the concert last night and suggested that, if more concerts were this fun more people would attend them.” - IF (trumpet)
  • “VERY well done for your conducting. A difficult piece and I loved what you did musically” - TH (bassoon)
  • “The feedback in the pub afterwards was universally more than favourable.” - DB (viola)
  • “I really enjoyed Figaro and thought you were a very clear and musical conductor. You also stayed really calm throughout which is something I’ve never seen from an MD!” - AD (oboe)
  • "Thanks for the clear, concise and decisive conducting, it shows you can get what you need from an orchestra through mutual respect and clear communication." - SU (bassoon)