Composersort ascending Piece Category
Brahms Der Abend Choral
Brahms Concerto for violin in D With soloist(s)
Bozzo, David Suite for Wind Instruments (world première) Wind
Bozzo, David Violin Concerto (world première) With soloist(s)
Boyce Overture No.2 in G Orchestral
Boulanger, Lili D'un soir triste Orchestral
Borrometi Marcia Funebre Orchestral
Borodin Symphony No.2 in B minor Symphonies
Borodin Symphony No.1 in Eb Symphonies
Borodin In the Steppes of Central Asia Orchestral
Borodin Polovetsian Dances Orchestral
Bonis, Mel Suite en forme de valse Orchestral
Bizet Symphony in C major Symphonies
Bizet L’Arlesienne Suite No.1 Orchestral
Bizet Carmen Suites 1 & 2 Orchestral
Berkeley Sinfonietta Symphonies
Beethoven Violin Concerto in D With soloist(s)
Beethoven Symphony No.5 in C minor Symphonies
Beethoven The Ruins of Athens Orchestral
Beethoven Symphony No.6 in F (Pastoral) Symphonies
Beethoven King Stephen Overture Orchestral
Beethoven 4 Scottish Songs Op.108 (arr. P Fender) Orchestral
Beethoven Symphony No.7 in A Symphonies
Beethoven Coriolan Overture Orchestral
Beethoven Symphony No.8 in F Symphonies
Beethoven Egmont Overture Orchestral
Beethoven Symphony No.9 in D minor (Choral) Symphonies
Beethoven Concerto for piano No.3 in C minor With soloist(s)
Beethoven Romance in F for violin & orchestra With soloist(s)
Beethoven Leonora Overture No.1 Orchestral
Beethoven Symphony No.1 in C Symphonies
Beethoven Symphony No.2 in D Symphonies
Beethoven Symphony No.3 in Eb Symphonies
Beethoven Symphony No.4 in Bb Symphonies
Beach, Amy Gaelic Symphony Symphonies
Beach, Amy Bal masqué Orchestral
Bartok Romanian Dances Orchestral
Barber Adagio for Strings Strings
Badelt, Klaus Pirates of the Caribbean Suite Light
Bach, JS Cantata 056 With soloist(s)
Bach, JS Brandenburg Concerto No.2 With soloist(s)
Bach, JS Cantata 021 Choral
Bach, JS Brandenburg Concerto No.3 Strings
Bach, JS Suite No.4 in D Orchestral
Bach, JS Brandenburg Concerto No.4 With soloist(s)
Bach, JS Brandenburg Concerto No.5 With soloist(s)
Bach, JS Toccata & Fugue in D min (arr. P Fender) Orchestral
Bach, JS Christmas Oratorio Choral
Bach, JS Cantata 169 With soloist(s)
Bach, JS St Matthew Passion Choral


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