New compositions

It's been a busy week of composing as Peter has completed four pieces this week! Peter blocked out a whole week to compose (rather than his usual style of finding a couple of hours here and a couple of hours there). First up was the completion of a song for tenor and piano. This was begun some months ago, but left in a very skethy form. It's based on a satirical poem about the consumer culture by Beth Fender. Vocally and musically quite taxing - but also fun! The second piece was a commission from Arts First for a children's orchestra. The challenge here was to create something exciting for the children, but written within a very strict brief of instrumentation and ability. In the piece ('Not that note!) the children have to shout aswell as play!! The third and fourth pieces are for choir, commissioned by the German choir Vocal-Ensemble Hochwang from Ulm. The choir is coming to perform in London next Spring and will hopefully sing these pieces. The first is based on a poem by Emily Dickinson, the second on a poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.