Peter Fender

January 21, 2014

During the first two days of March 2014 Peter will conduct the Angel Orchestra, from Islington in north London, in a massive fundraising challenge which has quite possibly never been attempted before! We will be playing through all 41 of Mozart’s symphonies ...

January 08, 2014

Peter's CD 'Speechless' is now on sale! Download it for just £4.90 ($8) from CD Baby ( ... or purchase a hard copy for just £6 (plus p&p) from this webisite's Sales page... don't miss this special offer!

Fernando Ciuffo and Irene Geninatti
November 27, 2013

14-16 June 2014. Peter is inviting to London a group from Italy to run a unique course on singing Mozart recitative, focussing on Don Giovanni. Mozart wrote large amounts of recitative into his operas. Often these sections are severely curtailed ...

Lewisham Hub violinists
November 17, 2013

Peter is to become conductor of the Lewisham Schools Sinfonia starting in January 2014. It meets in Prendergast Vale School as part of the Borough's Saturday Morning Music School. Currently numbers are fairly low, but there is a lot of potential ...

October 28, 2013

The Autumn weekend conducting course has just completed in London. Students from Argentina, Norway, Portugal, France, and Italy worked hard at music by Bach, Sibelius, and Stravinsky. We firstly spent a long day working ...

October 28, 2013

Peter took part in the second Black Sea Conducting Competition in Constanta, Romania, in September this year. It was run by Thalassa Music. There was in international group of partcipants - from the UK, Italy, Japan, Canada, USA, Argentina, Portugal ...

Speechless album cover
September 03, 2013

Peter's compositions are now being heard around the world through internet radio stations, supplied by the company Radio Airplay. Listeners so far have come from Trinidad & Tobago / USA / Phillipines ...

Vocal Ensemble Hochwang
May 30, 2013

On Saturday, at a concert in London, there will be a first complete performance of Peter's two unaccompanied pieces for choir. They are based on poems by Emily Dickinson and Elizabeth Barrett Browning